Natasha Bedingfield – 4th Studio Album: Known Song Titles

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Album Details

  • Album Title: The Next Chapter (?)
  • Release Date: TBD
  • Recording Dates: March 2012 - Present (6 years)
  • Status: Still writing and recording
  • Singles: None
Natasha Bedingfield Fourth Album

Known Song Titles

Best Summer Registered on ASCAP, 10/31/13  
Can't Shake It Off Registered on ASCAP, October 2014  
Dream Big Registered on ASCAP, 10/31/13  
Hope Was released on January 6, 2015; became available on iTunes on January 13th. Is a song written for philosophy's Hope & Grace Initiative.  
I Like You Performed at TED talk (no live footage has yet been shared), 6/11/13  
In My Imagination Registered on ASCAP, 10/31/13  
Love Song To The Earth Performed live at United Nations Equator Prize Gala in New York City, 9/22/14 Released as stand-alone single with multiple other artists, September 4, 2015
Me Around You Registered on ASCAP, October 2014  
My Heart Registered on ASCAP, 10/31/13  
My Love (Dando Te Mi Amor) Registered on ASCAP, October 2014  
Non Mi Ami Registered on ASCAP, October 2014  
One Man Can Change The World Song released by Big Sean featuring Natasha; July 2015  
Our Summer Registered on ASCAP, October 2014  
Pity The Poor Man Registered on ASCAP, 10/31/13  
Power Games Registered on HFA, April 2010; Originally thought to be for Strip Me Single released in Germany by Stanfour featuring Natasha; July 2015
Rocket Science Registered on ASCAP, 10/31/13  
Rubber Ball Registered on ASCAP, October 2014  
Top Down Registered on ASCAP, October 2014  
Unicorn Registered on ASCAP, 10/31/13 Announced as "surprise project" on 1/12/16; Released as single with Basto on 2/22/16. Could appear on Natasha's new album.  

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