Natasha Bedingfield – 4th Studio Album

Album Details

  • Album Title: The Next Chapter (?)
  • Release Date: TBD
  • Recording Dates: March 2012 - Present (4 years)
  • Status: Still writing and recording
  • Singles: None
Natasha Bedingfield Fourth Album


Natasha Bedingfield's last album, Strip Me, came out in December 2010. It was a strong collection of songs that were relatable and honest, but despite well-chosen singles ("Touch," "Strip Me"), the album failed to catch on the way her first two albums had. Natasha was ready to work on her next record only a year later. She started working on her 4th studio album in spring 2012, and frequently shared updates over the years.

The album was said to be "almost done" in early 2013, but Natasha continued working on it for the rest of the year. In 2014 it looked like it was closer to release: Natasha updated her official site and social channels with a picture of her with the title "The Next Chapter" over the top. She said in interviews that the album was nearly ready. But then, just like the previous year, Natasha continued to write and record.

2014 did offer us a couple of new songs: "Who I Am" was released as part of a movie soundtrack in the spring, and in fall Natasha debuted "Love Song To The Earth" live. She ended the year with promises of a new charity single; "Hope" was released in January 2015. There's no official word on when Natasha's new album will finally be released, or if it is indeed called The Next Chapter. Natasha's 4th studio album has been long in the waiting, but 2016 may just be the year that it reaches the fans' ears for once and for all.

Natasha is slowly getting her name back out there as she works on her new music. There have been no solid announcements yet, but hopefully she will finish her new album by the end of 2015. Right now we're hoping her new album will finally be out sometime in 2016.

One thought on “Natasha Bedingfield – 4th Studio Album

  • July 6, 2017 at 4:59 am

    Here it, near the end of 2017 and still no new album. Bedingfield might as well not even record it at this point.


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