Avril Lavigne Stuns In Soulful New Single, “Tell Me It’s Over”

Following her comeback anthem, “Head Above Water,” earlier this fall, Avril Lavigne is back with an all-new single ahead of her long-awaited 6th album. “Tell Me It’s Over” pushes Avril into a soulful new direction. Over a jazzy, Motown-inspired track, Avril shows off the best vocals of her career thus far. The retro song starts slow and low, Avril crooning softly over a bittersweet instrumental before reaching a big, belted chorus. Avril masterfully channels 1960s divas like Aretha Franklin, but updated with just enough modernity to keep it fresh. “Tell Me It’s Over” would fit right in on Kelly Clarkson’s 2017 album Meaning Of Life or on any of Lana Del Rey’s releases.

Lyrically, “Tell Me It’s Over” describes a toxic on-and-off relationship that’s destined to fail. Avril is no stranger to breakup anthems, but this one is more complex and mature than her earlier material. She illuminates the emotions behind the ups and downs of a troubled relationship with poetic lyrics. Those words come to life with her impassioned vocals.

In a statement, Avril Lavigne shared the inspiration behind “Tell Me It’s Over”:

I feel like I’ve really opened up on this record more than I ever have before. Each song tells a story that will hopefully inspire others to believe in themselves and stand up for what they know is right and what they truly deserve! Tell Me It’s Over is an anthem about being strong and finally putting your foot down and closing the door on a relationship that you know is wrong after time and time again of falling for their games. If someone doesn’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated, don’t put up with it. It’s understandably so hard because in the past every time you saw them, they sucked you in and you fell right back into their web. But not anymore starting now!

The vocals and the lyrics are very vulnerable which is reflective of the feelings I got in relationships like these. I wanted to write something classic. I have been inspired by some of the timeless queens I listen to every day at home, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin and Etta James. They represent women who stand up for women and aren’t going to put up with a man’s bullshit anymore!!

The music video for “Tell Me It’s Over” follows the relationship of a couple on the verge of a breakup. Avril and her boyfriend have wonderful memories together – dancing in front of a Christmas tree, cuddling on their front porch – but bad ones, too. The fights weigh down their relationship. By the end of the video, Avril must choose whether it ends here. It’s a simple but effective clip. Erica Silverman directed the video, which was filmed in late November.

Watch the new music video for “Tell Me It’s Over” below:

“Tell Me It’s Over” appears on Avril Lavigne’s upcoming 6th album, Head Above Water. Featuring 12 new songs, the album will be out on February 15th. Pre-order it now to get instant downloads of both “Head Above Water” and “Tell Me It’s Over.” Find streaming, digital, and physical options here. Avril’s official site also includes several merch bundles. Target will also release a CD with two exclusive bonus tracks; the names of those songs are not yet known.

While we await the full album, you can also stream “Tell Me It’s Over” on Spotify.

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Both “Head Above Water” and “Tell Me It’s Over” have proven to be some of Avril’s best singles in years. They promise a stunning new album that is at once personal and emotional, yet also experimental, diverse, and impressive.

Get ready to hear all of Head Above Water on February 15th. While we count down the days until its release, catch up on all that went into making the comeback album. Keep checking back here for all the latest Avril Lavigne music news.

Avril Lavigne Reveals ‘Head Above Water’ Cover & Tracklist

Next Wednesday, fans will be able to order Avril Lavigne’s long-awaited 6th album, Head Above Water. Preceded by the single of the same name, Head Above Water is due out in February 2019. Today, Avril finally shared the album cover and its full 12-song tracklist!

In addition to “Head Above Water” and upcoming single “Tell Me It’s Over,” Avril’s forthcoming album includes 10 new songs:   

  1. Head Above Water
  2. Birdie
  3. I Fell In Love With The Devil
  4. Tell Me It’s Over
  5. Dumb Blonde
  6. It Was In Me
  7. Souvenir
  8. Crush
  9. Goddess
  10. Bigger Wow
  11. Love Me Insane
  12. Warrior

Several of the titles have been floating around for weeks or even years. Two years ago, Avril teased lyrics of “Warrior” on her Instagram channel. Early in 2017, she also revealed “Crush” to be a title. Then, in fall 2017, she worked on “It Was In Me” with her Let Go collaborator, Lauren Christy

The song titles “Birdie,” “I Fell In Love With The Devil,” and “Dumb Blonde” leaked a few months ago. “Souvenir” and “Bigger Wow” are newer titles that appeared online more recently. 

The only new titles are “Goddess” and “Love Me Insane.” 

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A few other known song titles are also noticeably absent. When Avril worked with Lauren Christy last year, they also wrote a song called “Lucky Ones,” but it looks like we’ll have to wait to hear that one. Another song, “In Touch,” was registered on ASCAP but didn’t make the cut. However, it’s unclear if we’ll ever get to hear either of these songs. 

What do you think of the Head Above Water tracklist? Which songs are you most excited to hear? What style do you anticipate for each track? Let us know in the comments below!

In addition to the tracklisting, Avril also shared the Head Above Water album cover: 

This Wednesday, December 12th, Avril will release her second single, “Tell Me It’s Over.” It will come with the opportunity to pre-order Head Above Water that same day. 

We have a lot to look forward to next week! While we count down the days, catch up on all we know about Avril’s upcoming album. Although an exact release date still evades us, it’s been confirmed for February 2019. Keep checking back here for all the latest Avril Lavigne music news. 

Avril Lavigne Announces Next Single, “Tell Me It’s Over”

After dropping her comeback single, “Head Above Water,” in September, Avril Lavigne is now preparing to drop single #2. Coming out on December 12th, “Tell Me It’s Over” will serve as our second taste of Avril’s upcoming album, Head Above Water, due out in February 2019

Early in November, Avril teased lyrics for an upcoming song. Last weekend, she shared more lyrics, this time for “Tell Me It’s Over.” 

Today, Avril officially confirmed that “Tell Me It’s Over” will be out next Wednesday! Avril already filmed the music video at the end of November. 

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Update 12/6: Today Avril Lavigne shared numerous behind-the-scenes shots from her music video shoot. See the photos below: 

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6 days until #TellMeItsOver 🖤

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5 days until #TellMeItsOver 🖤

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Based on the photos and lyrics, it seems that “Tell Me It’s Over” may tackle relationships and a sad breakup. Avril appears with a boyfriend character in several of the behind-the-scenes shots, meaning the video will likely tell a story. This theme contrasts with the life-or-death subject matter of “Head Above Water,” which Avril wrote about her battle with Lyme Disease

Avril worked on the new single with Ryan Cabrera, Melissa Bel, Justin Gray, and Johan Carlsson. Get ready to hear “Tell Me It’s Over” in just one week!

“Tell Me It’s Over” will appear on Avril’s new album, Head Above Water, out in February 2019. As we count down the days until we get to hear it and see its music video, enjoy Avril’s latest single, “Head Above Water” and catch up on all we know about the new music. Keep checking back here for all the latest Avril Lavigne news.