Welcome To… The All-American Rejects: 25 Songs You Need In Your Life

Who doesn't love The All-American Rejects? The band started in the early 2000s with their self-titled debut. In 2005, The All-American Rejects garnered tons of attention with their hit singles, "Dirty Little Secret," "Move Along," and "It Ends Tonight," all from their second album, Move Along. They earned a hit again in 2008 with "Gives…

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New All-American Rejects Lyric Video For First Single “Sweat” Coming Next Month

It may be April Fool's day, but this is not a drill: The All-American Rejects' first single from their upcoming EP is finished and ready for us! Don't get too excited - we can't watch it yet. But frontman Tyson Ritter did confirm that the lyric video is not for their 2016 song, "DGAF." Instead, the…

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