Green Day Shares “Ordinary World” Lyric Video

Green Day just released their new album, Revolution Radio, last week. It's an excellent record that combines their 21st century political awareness with their earlier straightforward punch. Songs like "Bang Bang" and "Revolution Radio" are energetic and raise important social questions, but the album actually ends on a more reflective note. "Ordinary World" is an acoustic…

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Review: Green Day Is Back On Top With ‘Revolution Radio’

Green Day’s career arc has been one most bands would envy. It’s rare for a band to continue strong for 25+ years, and rarer still for them to have continued success into their later years. But Green Day has always been special. After a strong underground start in the Bay Area, the trio released their…

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Green Day Perform Two New Songs From ‘Geezer’ Film

Back in 2014, Billie Joe was confirmed to be part of a new comedy called Geezer. It would be Billie Joe's first leading role, in which he plays a 40 year old rock star whose family forgets his birthday. The film just premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City last night, and…

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