My Love-Hate Relationship With Bonus Tracks

Bonus tracks are a magical thing for most music fans. We love getting a new album from our favorite artist, and most of us are eager for as much music as we can get our hands on. I myself have already expressed my love for songs, and in my opinion, the more the merrier. I can never…

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Why Don’t Artists Release All The Songs They Record?

Most music fans I know are always excited to hear more music from their favorite singers and bands. Anticipation builds into a giddy frenzy as a new album's release date approaches. When an artist performs a new song, half the audience films a video of it so fans can search it out on YouTube a…

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A Response To Our Blog, “Never Stop Discovering New Bands, Part Two”

This article originally appeared on    My sister runs a super cool blog called Hidden Jams. Her latest post discusses bands that she discovered in 2015. At 25, she is not ready to stop finding new music. Amanda has always been the one more excited about the music scene between the two of us.…

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