Famous Names: 40 Songs Named After Well-Known Celebrities & Characters

Names come up a lot in music. But how often do artists sing about famous people? Check out these 40 songs with famous names. These song titles cover well-known actors and actresses, musicians, politicians, and scientists. We also included songs named after popular characters. Fairy-tale princesses? Check! Western film acting legends? They're here! We also…

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Welcome To… BANKS: 10 Songs You Need To Hear Now

Welcome to... BANKS. A Los Angeles native, Jillian Banks - better known simply as BANKS - has been taking the alternative R&B and alternative pop worlds by storm with her unique, resolutely dark music. She burst onto the scene in 2013 with two EPs, Fall Over and London. In 2014, her first full-length album, Goddess, enchanted and…

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