Famous Names: 40 Songs Named After Well-Known Celebrities & Characters

Names come up a lot in music. But how often do artists sing about famous people? Check out these 40 songs with famous names. These song titles cover well-known actors and actresses, musicians, politicians, and scientists. We also included songs named after popular characters. Fairy-tale princesses? Check! Western film acting legends? They're here! We also…

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Back To 2007: 55 Singles That Turn 10 This Year

Ten years have flown by! Who here remembers the songs that were big in 2007? It was a major year for music, opening the door to many of today's stars and continuing the success of others who may no longer dominate radio. In 2007, Rihanna had her first astronomical hit with "Umbrella," paving the way for…

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20 Ways To Discover New Music

Everyone loves music. And most people can never get enough of it. But how do you discover new music to add to your collection? In a world as filled with endless musical options as ours is today, it can be difficult to sift through the sounds and find what really speaks to you. Most articles…

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