New Avril Lavigne Songs Leak: Hear “In Touch,” “Don’t Stop,” & More

Avril Lavigne’s new album, Head Above Water, comes out in just hours. While it includes songs like “Dumb Blonde,” “Tell Me It’s Over,” “Warrior,” and the title track, there are a few songs missing from the 12-track album. Luckily for fans, some of those leftover tracks have just leaked. Fans can hear the highly anticipated recordings of “In Touch,” “Don’t Stop,” and a few other unexpected tracks.

“In Touch”

First up is a song fans first heard about in 2017. Pop star Bebe Rexha co-wrote it with Lauren Christy, Christoph Andersson, and Talay Riley. Despite rumors, Bebe Rexha confirmed that she does not sing on the track. Avril likely got the song when she worked with Lauren Christy in the studio in fall 2017. Listen to her recording of “In Touch” below:

“Don’t Stop”

Another song title fans have known about for a while, “Don’t Stop” was written by Avril, Lauren Christy, Ketil Johnson, Sebastian Kornelius, and Taylor Parks. It’s the most dynamic song that’s leaked, an unexpected love song that finds Avril trying out new styles. Hear “Don’t Stop” below:

“Break It So Good” – featuring Lauren Christy

A new title, “Break It So Good” seems to be a song Avril worked on with Lauren Christy. (Not only did Lauren co-write some songs on Avril’s new album, she was also behind some of her earliest hits, like “Complicated” and “I’m With You”.) Indeed, Lauren sings throughout this whole leaked track. However, Avril sings on the choruses. Check out the song here:

“I Want What I Want” (Cover)

Continuing with the Lauren Christy theme, check out this cover of her 1997 song! Taken from her sophomore album, Breed, you may recognize “I Want What I Want.” We never knew Avril covered the song, but she sounds great on it! Listen to her cover below:

“Warrior” – Demo & Acoustic

Two alternative recordings of “Warrior” just surfaced. “Warrior” closes out Avril’s new album, Head Above Water, but now fans can hear both a demo and an acoustic recording of the track. Every version of this song is incredible. Listen to the two new leaks below and let us know what you think of them compared to the album version!

A notable song we still haven’t heard is “Lucky Ones,” which Avril recorded with Lauren Christy in fall 2017. They worked on it around the same time they came up with “It Was In Me.”

There are tons of other Avril Lavigne songs fans know about but have never heard. Check out our full list of unreleased songs here:

Avril Lavigne – Unreleased Songs

Head Above Water

In just a few hours, Avril’s new album, Head Above Water, will be out! Find streaming, digital, and physical options here. Avril’s official site also includes several merch bundles. Featuring 12 new songs, the album will include all three singles:“Head Above Water,” “Tell Me It’s Over,”  and “Dumb Blonde.” Of the new leaks, only “Warrior” will appear on the album, albeit in a different version.

You can also catch up on all that went into making the comeback album. Keep checking back here for all the latest Avril Lavigne music news. Get ready to hear all of Head Above Water tonight!

See Muse’s ’80s-Inspired Video For New Single, “Something Human”

Last week, Muse teased fans with a live acoustic version of their newest single, “Something Human.” Today, fans get to hear the song for real – and it comes with an action-packed, ’80s-inspired music video! And this is only the start: The band promise a full album out this November.

“Something Human” is one of the cheeriest and most intimate songs Muse has released in the last decade. It features acoustic guitar and gentle falsetto vocals, along with upbeat percussion a spacey flair. The lyrics focus on missing your loved ones after being away for too long; indeed, Matt wrote if after finishing their extensive Drones tour. It’s a sweet song that shows another side of a band well-known for their political, dystopian themes.

The music video presents a striking contrast to the song. As with “Thought Contagion,” it presents a sci-fi concept with throwback 1980s sensibilities. But this time, instead of seeing characters transform into zombies, we see a speedy car chase lead to an ancient Retrograde Video (which looks suspiciously like Blockbuster Video)… and an unexpected werwolf transformation. It’s pretty wild, if a bit incongruous with the song.

Check out the music video for “Something Human” below:

In a new interview, frontman Matt Bellamy and drummer Dom Howard talk about the new song and forthcoming album. Matt states that this is the first time he’d written a song on acoustic guitar in 15 years, and describes “Something Human” as a curveball and the softest song on the new record. He states that in addition to the recording released today, the album will also include an acoustic version of the song.

They also confirmed that they’re nearly done recording now, and plan to finish mixing in the next couple of weeks. It will include 11 songs (which means there are still 8 new ones we haven’t heard yet!), plus 7-8 bonus tracks of acoustic and alternate versions of the songs. “Dig Down,” for example, will appear as an acoustic track featuring a gospel choir. The still-unnamed album will come out in November.

You can download “Something Human” on iTunes or stream it on Spotify now.

The single releases for Muse’s new album have been particularly drawn out so far. “Dig Down” came out in May 2017, while the second single, “Thought Contagion,” didn’t come out until this February. After “Something Human,” the band also plans to release one more single this fall prior to the album.

Catch up on all we know about the new music, and keep checking back here for all the latest on Muse’s new album. Enjoy “Something Human,” and get ready for the rest of the album coming out this November!

Muse Shares Live Acoustic Teaser Of New Single, “Something Human”

Following 2017’s “Dig Down” and, earlier this year, “Thought Contagion,” Muse is gearing up to release the third single from their upcoming album. We won’t get to hear “Something Human” until next week, but frontman Matt Bellamy decided to treat fans to a sneak preview. He performed a partial live acoustic version of “Something Human” just for us fans!

In the video, Matt reveals that “Something Human” was the first song he wrote after finishing the Drones tour* in support of their last album. He then launches into a lovely rendition of the song, featuring only his acoustic guitar as accompaniment. Anyone who loved gentle ballads like “Unintended” or “Falling Away With You” will adore the new song. It’s only the first verse and chorus, but it’s enough to leave fans excited for more. But, as Matt teases at the end, “you can hear the rest next week.”

Enjoy the preview of “Something Human” below:

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*Speaking of the Drones tour, the exclusive, one-night-only cinema event showing a recording of the concert aired in theaters yesterday. Don’t worry if you missed it. You can see a full live video of “Psycho” below. There’s no word on a digital release of the concert film yet, but we’re confident it’ll be available for all fans soon enough.

The single releases for Muse’s next album have been particularly drawn out so far. “Dig Down” came out in May 2017, while the second single, “Thought Contagion,” didn’t come out until this February. Along with “Something Human,” all three songs will appear on Muse’s upcoming 8th studio album. The band has been busy recording for most of the last year. They predict the album will be out late this year or early in 2019.

Catch up on all we know about the new music, and keep checking back here for all the latest on Muse’s new album. Enjoy the live acoustic version of “Something Human” ahead of its official release next week!

Natasha Bedingfield Performs “Love Looks Like” Acoustic In New Video

Yesterday, Natasha Bedingfield’s new song with Art House, “Love Looks Like,” was released on iTunes and Spotify. Today, Natasha reimagined the soaring ballad into an intimate acoustic performance. Though this version of “Love Looks Like” is only two minutes long, it still captures the full power of the lyrics.

Sitting next to a crackling fireplace, Natasha glides through “Love Looks Like” while her partner accompanies her on acoustic guitar. It’s a lovely performance, and a hint of how the song would sound in a full concert setting. Watch the “Love Looks Like” acoustic performance below, and be sure to listen to the full studio version as well.

With so much new music all of a sudden, is a full Natasha Bedingfield album on the way? Natasha has been writing and recording for a few years. In addition to various collaborations, she has released a few solo songs since her album Strip Me came out in 2010. She performed a new song called “I Like You” in 2013. Her charity song “Hope” debuted out in 2015, and in 2016 Natasha released her Basto collab, “Unicorn.”

Last week, Natasha shared two brand new songs: “Let Go,” which came with a music video showing off Nestea, and “More Of Me” for the new Disney Channel show, Tangled: The Series.

Natasha has not yet confirmed when a new album will be ready for her fans to hear. But with any luck, 2017 will be the year. Nearly 20 new Natasha songs have recently appeared on ASCAP, hopefully indicating new music is ready for release. Keep checking back here for all the latest Natasha Bedingfield music news. And in the meantime, enjoy the three new songs. You can buy “Love Looks Like” on iTunes or stream it on Spotify now.

Muse’s Next Album May Be More Stripped Down… Or Hip-Hop?

Muse is already talking about their next album. The followup to 2015’s Drones, album #8 could come as early as 2017, though 2018 may be more likely. Here’s a roundup of all Muse has said about their next album so far, starting with recent interviews after an award win.

Muse was just at the Q Awards, where they won “Best Act In The World Today,” beating out U2, Coldplay, The 1975, and Biffy Clyro. While there, Absolute Radio interviewed the band. Matt Bellamy said he he’d like to record a more acoustic album this time around.

As Matt said in the video:

The last album was written and recorded very much with the idea of how it is going to work in the show in mind. Moving forward, we might want to do something different because I feel like we’ve pushed the show to a really high point. I feel like I say it every time with each album but I feel like it might be time to actually do something a bit more stripped down.

On the other hand, he also said he wants to record a hip-hop album. He told Q:

I really wanna try and just make like a hip-hop album. I think I’m gonna actually, starting rapping on our next eighth studio album.

Back in September 2015, Dom Howard spoke to South China Morning Post. He talked about the band’s plans for album #8, saying they want to evolve and do something “really different”:

We’ve talked about it, yeah, but we haven’t really talked about when or where. But I just know we need to do something really, really different to anything we’ve done before.

I think it’s time to kind of lose our minds a little bit more in the studio and delve into some new areas of music that we’re kind of not that used to or comfortable with. I think we should definitely do that and kinda go for it. Yeah, we’ve got small ideas about how we think we can evolve. That’s the key thing: evolving.

Then in January 2016, Dom mentioned that the band might not release proper albums in the future. Instead, the band may release “small groups of tracks” or singles. Given the way people pick and choose songs nowadays, albums may not make sense for Muse. Of course, many fans do still like albums, especially from their favorite artists.

More recently though, Matt has repeatedly mentioned releasing an album rather than EPs or singles. But when will the new music be ready?

After winning the Q award, Matt said that the band will mostly likely have the next album ready for 2018. It’s unlikely they’ll have a full record ready in 2017, but they might share “maybe one or two songs if we can be arsed.”

So to recap, Muse’s next album should be out sometime in 2018, but if we’re lucky we could get a song or two in 2017. The next album will be more stripped down…. or hip-hop…. or “really different.”

As usual, Muse has a lot of ideas, and it will be exciting to hear the new music once it’s ready. Keep checking back here for all the latest Muse news. We’ll keep you posted on any album news they share.