The Weeknd Shares Music Video For ‘Starboy’ Highlight, “Secrets”

The Weeknd launched his stunning album, Starboy, late last year. Following music videos for the title track, “False Alarm,” “Party Monster,” “Reminder,” and “I Feel It Coming,” our latest video is for the album highlight, “Secrets.” The song is dreamy, ’80s styled pop perfection. The Weeknd borrowed the chorus’s titular line from The Romantics’ 1983 single, “Talking In Your Sleep”. He mixed that with the music of Tears For Fears’ “Pale Shelter,” from 1982.

The music video for “Secrets” shows The Weeknd lurking in the elevators and balconies of a large building, watching as a girl slumbers on an unconventional white mattress. Her dreams show another man trading places with The Weeknd. Pedro Martin-Calero directed the video. They filmed it at the University of Toronto and the Toronto Reference Library.

Fans will notice that the music video version of “Secrets” is over a minute shorter than the album version. The bridge and final chorus are both missing, and it’s a bit of a shock when the video ends too soon. Nonetheless, it’s great that “Secrets” gets a music video. With any luck, this will be the next single burning up radio charts. Watch “Secrets” below:

Starboy just came out on November 25th, via Republic Records. So far, it’s launched the singles “Starboy” and “I Feel It Coming,” as well as music videos for “False Alarm,” “Party Monster,” and “Reminder”. You’ll also want to see The Weeknd’s MANIA short film. You can buy the album on iTunes or stream it on Spotify now. You’ll get to hear the full 4:26 version of “Secrets” there.

More recently, The Weeknd appeared in the music video for Lana Del Rey’s new song, “Lust For Life,” which he co-wrote and sings on. It’s the title track for her upcoming album, out next month. This is the pair’s fourth collaboration so far, and the first to appear on Lana’s record.

The Weeknd is currently on tour. He’s finishing up some American dates now, with new European dates scheduled to start next week. Be sure to find dates and tickets before it’s too late.

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Lana Del Rey & The Weeknd Team Up In New “Lust For Life” Music Video

Last month, Lana Del Rey shared her new duet with The Weeknd, “Lust For Life,” the title track from her upcoming album. Today, we get to see the pair together in the retro new music video. Listen closely and you’ll hear some of the lyrics come to life.

The video starts with Lana performing the song, accompanied by two backup dancers. Lana loses interest 30 seconds into the song, and decides to run offstage and climb up the H of the Hollywood sign. There she meets The Weeknd, and they gaze at the city lights below them. Eventually Lana and The Weeknd run to the D and slide off onto the grass below. The “Lust For Life” video is simple and reflects the vintage futurism we saw in Lana’s video for “Love.”

Watch the “Lust For Life” music video below:

“Lust For Life” is just the latest collaboration we’ve heard between Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd. They first appeared together on the song “Prisoner,” which was included on The Weeknd’s 2015 album, Beauty Behind The Madness. Last year, he released his album Starboy. Lana co-wrote and sang on both “Party Monster” and “Stargirl Interlude.”

Besides frequent collaborator The Weeknd, Lana also recorded duets with Stevie Nicks and Sean Lennon for the upcoming album. She previously mentioned songs like “Yosemite” and “Tomorrow Never Came” (her duet with Sean Lennon). More recently, Lana talked about “God Bless America,” a track she wrote about the Women’s Marches earlier this year.

So far, “Love” and “Lust For Life” are the only two songs we’ve heard from the album. Last week, Lana also shared a political new song called “Coachella – Woodstock In My Mind,” though it’s unclear whether that will be on Lust For Life. Over the weekend, Lana also performed a brand new song called “Cherry” at the KROQ Weenie Roast y Fiesta.

Lust For Life is rumored to be out this Friday, May 26th. However, no date has been confirmed, and the record may not be out until June or July. And although we know some song names, a tracklist is not yet available. Catch up on all we know about Lust For Life so far, and keep checking back here for all the latest Lana Del Rey news.

Hear Lana Del Rey’s New Duet With The Weeknd, “Lust For Life”

Last month, Lana Del Rey announced her new album, Lust For Life, will be out this spring. Following the first single, “Love,” we can now hear Lana’s new single and title track. The Weeknd (aka Abel Tesfaye) co-wrote “Lust For Life” and sings on the song with Lana. “Lust For Life” is a grand duet, and the song combines elements of Born To Die, Ultraviolence, and The Weeknd’s own music. The pair echo each other on the chorus, both declaring that “a lust for life keeps us alive” before trading lines. Both Lana and The Weeknd take turns singing lead and backup. It’s not your average track featuring a second verse or bridge sung by the guest artist. Instead, “Lust For Life” is a proper duet throughout the whole song.

This is the pair’s fourth collaboration overall. In 2015, Lana joined The Weeknd on his Beauty Behind The Madness track, “Prisoner.” His latest album, Starboy, features Lana on two tracks: “Stargirl Interlude” and “Party Monster.”

Mista Jam premiered “Lust For Life” on BBC’s Radio 1 today, but now it’s available everywhere music is. Listen to the new duet below:

“Lust For Life” and “Love” are just our first tastes of Lana’s new album. She also confirmed two more song titles: A love song called “Yosemite,” and a track with Sean Lennon called “Tomorrow Never Came,” one of her favorites on the new album. Lana describes both of those as more acoustic.

Last week, Lana shared the cover art for the album. The tracklist and release date have not yet been confirmed, but Lana did say she wants to share a few more of the big, rich sounding songs like “Lust For Life” before it’s out. Rumor has it the album may be out on May 26th. And although Rick Nowels produced the whole record, Lana did work with hitmaker Max Martin on the title track. Read more about that in her recent interview for Dazed.

Lust For Life will serve as the followup to Lana’s 2015 album, Honeymoon. Lana rose to fame with her major label debut, Born To Die, back in 2012. She revealed that she made this album for her fans, and it will be intriguing to hear what she’s recorded.

You can buy “Lust For Life” on iTunes now, or stream the song on Spotify. It will also appear on Lana’s upcoming album of the same name, due out later this spring. Keep checking back here for more news about the upcoming record and all the latest on Lana Del Rey.

The Weeknd Unveils Otherworldly “I Feel It Coming” Music Video

The Weeknd (aka Abel Tesfaye) has finally released a music video for his current Starboy single, “I Feel It Coming.” It’s one of two songs on his new album that features Daft Punk, and its funky, cheery mood balances out the darker tones of other tracks. This new clip follows music videos for “Starboy,” “False Alarm,” “Party Monster,” and “Reminder,” not to mention his short film MANIA, which included six songs. “I Feel It Coming” has been heating up the radio charts, and it’s great to finally see the video.

The music video is on trend with the sudden obsession with galactic futures. Lana Del Rey took her new song, “Love,” to the Space Age of the 1960s. Even Katy Perry’s “Chained To The Rhythm” had a retro sci-fi vibe. The Weeknd, though, visualizes a very ’80s futurism in the otherworldly “I Feel It Coming.”

Throughout the video, The Weeknd roams and grooves on a desolate, rocky planet, with images of moons and partial eclipses interspersed. A statue transforms into a glowing woman, and she dances with The Weeknd briefly until a violent storm hits. But a full eclipse transforms her back into stone, and in a Medusa-like twist, The Weeknd also turns to stone as a black snake slithers away.

Just as the song ends and The Weeknd is left behind, crumbling and cold in the fresh snow, Daft Punk make their appearance. It signals the start of the first single, “Starboy” – perhaps as a prequel? Check out the “I Feel It Coming” video below:

Starboy just came out on November 25th, via Republic Records. So far, it’s launched the singles “Starboy” and “I Feel It Coming,” as well as music videos for “False Alarm,” “Party Monster,” and “Reminder”. You’ll also want to see The Weeknd’s MANIA short film. You can buy the album on iTunes now.

The Weeknd is currently on tour. He’s finishing up some European dates now, with a handful of South American shows next. On April 25th, he’ll kick off a North American tour, with additional European dates scheduled for summer. Be sure to find dates and tickets before it’s too late.

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“Reminder”: Today Is The Weeknd’s Birthday, And We’re Celebrating With A New Music Video

Happy birthday to The Weeknd! To celebrate Abel Tesfaye’s 27th birthday, he shared a surprise music video for “Reminder,” a track off his acclaimed new album, Starboy. This follows videos for “Party Monster,” “False Alarm,” and the album’s first single, “Starboy.” Although “Reminder” is not an official single from the album, the video is a great way to commemorate The Weeknd’s amazing musical career so far.

The “Reminder” music video shows The Weeknd hanging out with some well-known rappers. Drake – who famously helped jumpstart The Weeknd’s career – makes an appearance. They’re also joined by A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, French Montana, and YG. The group has a great time driving fancy cars, flying in private jets, and partying in the Hollywood hills. Watch the “Reminder” music video below:

The Weeknd’s third studio album, Starboy, just came out in November 2016. It was led by the singles “Starboy” and “I Feel It Coming,” plus promo tracks “False Alarm” and “Party Monster.” So far, the first four songs on the album have music videos. Will the Weeknd go all the way and make this a visual album? If so, we can expect videos for album highlights like “Secrets” and “Die For You”… not to mention the current single, “I Feel It Coming.”

Be sure to stream Starboy on Spotify or buy it on iTunes. Keep checking back here for all the latest Weeknd music news.