Kelly Clarkson – 7th Studio Album

Album Details

  • Album Title: TBA
  • Release Date: Summer/Fall 2017
  • Label: Atlantic Records 
  • Recording Dates: July 2016-June 2017
  • Status: Finished recording in June 2017; mixing and mastering next 
  • Lead Single: TBA
  • Possible Song Titles:
    • "It Matters To Me" (registered on BMI, spring 2017)
    • "So Soft" (hashtag in Kelly's social media; not a confirmed song title)
    • "Love Goes On" with Aloe Blacc (from film The Shack
    • "The Cry Inside" (from film The Secret Scripture)
  • Collaborators: Jason Halbert, Greg Kurstin, Ali Tamposi, Diztortion, J.R. Rotem, Claude Kelly, Monarch Production Duo, Sebastian Kole, and more
  • Expected Sound: Soul pop, bluesy, '90s-inspired R&B, but contemporary; songs like Rihanna's "Love On The Brain"; her best vocals, it's a singer's record; horns; 1-2 collaborations 
  • Expected Themes: Love, heartbreak, children/motherhood, difficulties, sadness
Kelly Clarkson February 2017

Ever since Kelly Clarkson released her 6th studio album, Piece By Piece, in March 2015, she's been excited about the next chapter. Piece By Piece was the final album in the RCA contact she'd had since 2002, and Kelly had longed for more creative freedom. In June 2016, Kelly announced her move to Atlantic Records and her plan to make a soulful album! The album was originally planned for a release in spring or summer 2017.

Kelly has had a few other projects on the side as well. She released her first children's book - River Rose And The Magical Lullaby - in October 2016 along with a recorded lullaby. She covered "It's Quiet Uptown" for Hamilton: The Mixtape, and recorded a new song with Aloe Blacc called "Love Goes On" for the movie The Shack. Kelly also appeared on a new Reba McEntire song along with Trisha Yearwood. She recorded the soundtrack song called "The Cry Inside" for a movie called The Secret Scripture. The movie premiered in Ireland early in 2017, though the rest of the world is waiting to see it. "The Cry Inside" leaked online in April, and an official release is expected soon.

Kelly spent most of 2016 and the first half of 2017 recording her upcoming 7th studio album. In addition to songs she co-wrote, Kelly also recorded songs written by everyone from Ali Tamposi to Diztortion. She finished recording in June. The soulful new album should be out this summer or fall. Stay tuned for more news on the first single and full album.