Evanescence – Synthesis

Album Details

  • Album TitleSynthesis 
  • Release Date: Fall 2017 
  • Label:
  • Recording Dates: Late 2016/Early 2017-Present
  • Status: Ready to release this fall  
  • Lead Single: TBA
  • Expected Sound: Orchestral and electronic versions of old Evanescence songs 
  • Notes: Synthesis, coming out this fall 2017, reimagines old Evanescence songs with orchestal and electronic instrumentation. There will also be two new songs. A new studio album of all-new music will come out in 2018.
amy lee evanescence

It's been a while since Evanescence released any new music. Their last full album, Evanescence, came out in October 2011, producing singles like "What You Want" and "My Heart Is Broken." After touring for the album, the band went on hiatus.

Frontwoman Amy Lee had a son named Jack Lion with her husband and pursued a number of music projects without the band. In 2014, she released a solo album called Aftermath, comprised of music she had written for the independent film War Story. In late 2015, she shared four covers of well-known songs before releasing them as an EP the following January. In September 2016, Amy released a second solo album, this time made up of children's music. Called Dream Too Much, it included some original songs mixed with covers. In early 2017, Amy released an English-language cover of an Italian song called "Love Exists," followed by an original song called "Speak To Me" for the new film Voice From The Stone. Amy has also composed a new song "Through Your Eyes" for the upcoming film Blind

Evanescence, meanwhile, had some significant internal changes. The band left Wind-up Records, making them independent for the first time in over a decade. Guitarist Terry Balsamo left the band in 2015, and was replaced by Jen Majura. Evanescence has toured here and there over the years, and debuted a new old song called "Take Cover" in 2016. That song is a leftover from the early Evanescence studio sessions. In early 2017, the band released a vinyl boxset of all their albums - including Origin and a collection of previously released bonus tracks and two new recordings.

Now Evanescence is finally together to make new music this year. First up is a special project called Synthesis. This new album will reimagine old Evanescence songs with symphonic and electronic instrumentation, stripping away the distorted drums and rock guitars in place of woodwinds, brass, and strings. David Campbell helped the band on this special album. In addition to newly recorded versions of old songs, Synthesis will also include two new songs. It will be out this fall 2017 along with a Synthesis tour.

In 2018, Evanescence plans to release a standard studio album of new music.